Test Automation

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  • Functional

    • Smoke testing
    • Regression testing
    • Sanity testing
    • Localization support
  • Integration

    • Web services
    • 3rd party software
    • API
  • Live System

    • Critical path
    • API availability
    • System services availability
  • Multi-Platform

    • Cross-browser testing
    • Cross-platform testing
    • Mobile testing

Test Automation

Automation Tools

Benefits of
Test Automation

Reduced QA Costs

Costs are significantly reduced as the size of the team shrinks because of manual work replacement.


Automated test can run quickly, therefore, the overall testing time is significantly reduced.

Improve Product

Automated test come with the added benefit of eliminating human errors, resulting in an overall improved process.

Optimized Testing

Automated test will save a lot of the testers’ time. This will allow the QA Engineers to focus their attention on manual test if needed.

Increase Productivity

Productivity is massively increased as automated testing by minimizing the time required to perform repetitive tasks.

Better Test Coverage

Test automation offers greater test coverage and is extremely helpful when processing large data volumes.

Test Automation

Automation Testing Cycle

Test Automation Approach

Test Automation Approach

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