Dedicated Team

We offer dedicated teams for both long term and short term commitments.

We Deliver
Quality Each Time!

100% Dedicated Team

Our team will be completely aware of your business goals and will dedicatedly work on your projects only.

Complete Control

Manage the teams with ease on a daily basis via Scrum meetings, and PM tools.

Budget Control

Monthly payments and pre-decided costs enable you to have full control over the budget.

Knowledge Retention

You will have your very own fully functioning internal team.

Quality Assessment & Recommendations

At The Testing experts, we also offer project assessments and recommendations to optimize the process.

Cooperation process
with our dedicated team


Why Choose
Our Dedicated Team?

  • A Team of Dedicated QA Engineers
  • Customized Report
  • 24/7 Team Availability
  • We are an Integral Part of Your Team
  • Years of experience in SQA Business
  • Complete knowledge retention