QA Consulting

Collaboration - Clear Process - Optimized Approach

Consulting by The Testing Experts
covers all aspects of a product
lifecycle management.

When You May Need QA Consultation?

  • Increase in Number of Projects
    When you need a more documented and structured approach
  • Rapid Company Growth
    When old processes become outdated
  • Bottlenecks and Decrease in Quality
    QA/development and communications
  • New Methodologies/Practices
    Scrum, Test-Driven Development etc

The Testing Experts Solution


  • Interviewing stakeholders
  • Analyzing workflow, approaches and practices
  • Determining deficiencies


  • Planning and working out solutions

Carrying Out

  • Establishing a path
  • Implementation of solutions


  • Monitoring the action plan
  • Guidance through the issues

& Results

  • Transparent processes
  • A clear insight into the project costs and precise budget plans
  • Setting up infrastructure and optimization
  • A healthy work environment to tailor fit your business needs
  • Effective collaboration between multiple units
  • Improved work efficiency and fewer human errors
  • A massive improvement in software testing strategy
  • An optimized approach to development, QA and costs

Why Choose
The Testing Experts as
your software testing vendor?

  • 30+ full-time QA engineers
  • An unbiased approach to QA consulting
  • Experience in projects with complex business logic
  • Assistance in adopting Agile-based methodologies (CI, TDD, test automation etc.)
  • Years of experiencde in Software QA business