About Us

We deliver value to our clients across the globe through dedication domain expertise, successful solutions and top-notch service.

For Over decades, The Testing Experts has provided independent software QA and testing services across multiple industries, serving multiple global customers.

Our experience is reflected through hundreds of successful clients successfully completed projects, backed by the testimonials of our respected clients. We specialize in the delivery of full-cycle QA and application testing services. Our success is dependent on quality relationships, and this is how we keep you moving forward.

Our Core Values

Delivering Values to Our Esteemed Clients

We inspire greater commitment by understanding, meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. Our passion for details enables us to deliver result-oriented QA services along with our quality, service and reliability.

Urge for Constant Innovation

We believe that constant growth and innovation in everything we do is essential for our customers’ success which ultimately leads to our success. We encourage creativity and in everything that we do.

Foster Leadership in All Aspects

Entrepreneurship is our heritage and we continue to breathe in this tradition through delegated responsibilities, freedom to act and personal accountability. We put trust in our employees and promote team spirit.

Our Employees Equals Our Strength

Our exceptional quality of workforce offers a competitive edge. We as a company are devoted to our employees’ well-being and personal growth. We strive to have the most qualified people available onboard and maximize their learning through training and development

Collaboration and Teamwork

A great outcome is not only dependent on exceptional skills, but also on collaboration and teamwork. That is truly the key to success.

Respect for Diversity

The Testing Experts values men and women of all backgrounds, ages, religions and ethnicities. We promote respectful, positive and responsible relationships in our company in the ethos of a multi-cultural society.

Why Choose
The Testing Experts?

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

ISTQB Certified Professionals

ISTQB Certified Professionals

Parallel Working to Client’s Time Zones

Parallel Working to Client’s Time Zones


Significant cost savings

Full package of SQA Services

Full package of SQA Services

50+ completed projects

100+ completed projects